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New A Short Course on Italic with Anthea Power

A Short Course on Italic with Anthea Power


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Tuesday 9th, 16th and 23rd June 10am - 4pm A Short Course on Italic with Anthea Power £150 14 spaces

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The wonderful Italic script came into being during the Renaissance and was the hand of the 15th Century Italian Scribes. The Italic hand has both formal and informal uses which produce a graceful and stylish script and is what most people think of when they use the term.

This 3 part workshop course will cover all the aspects of this most versatile script.

Week 1: We will look at historical examples of the Italic script; the structure of all the letters of the alphabet, the use of
the broad-edged dip pen; technical skills of accurate ruling up and centring of text; spacing of lower-case letters; writing out a small piece of text and using different inks, paints and papers.

Week 2: We will briefly review points covered in the previous workshop and look at your work for any adjustments that will improve it. We will learn the structure of Capital letters and how to flourish them. Also how to write a text in Capitals with accurate spacing.

Week 3: In this final workshop, we will look at different sized nibs and how to maintain letter proportion while writing at different sizes; how and why to change letter proportions; we will put together lower case text with Capital only text and what this contrast can do to the meaning of the words.

Also we will look at the elements of design needed to produce a pleasing piece of work, again working with coloured inks/ paints and paper.

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