Shannon Adam’s August Workshops

Shannon Adam’s August Workshops


I have always had an interest in arts and craft from a young age. I started out making my own jewellery and hairclips out of whatever items I could find and used to sell them. I then found a love for sewing and embroidery. This creative hobby then pushed me to do a 3 year degree in Fashion and Textiles. Here I was taught how to pattern and sew my own garment, something I would love to do in the future. This also gave me the inspiration to do a workshop on sewing because it is a keen interest of mine and I would love to get other people involved too. This degree also helped me to gain an interest in fashion illustration, my portfolio including drawings of the garments that I had created. My favourite pens for fashion illustration are ProMarkers.


I have taught myself many different crafts over the years in my spare time. These include origami, quilling and iris folding. These are great crafts to learn because they are simple so anyone can do them, and they can be used for just about anything. I like to use mine for card making and for presents. I thought that keeping them crafty meant that if anyone isn’t as artistically minded (like me) then they are some great hobbies to learn and do in your spare time.

Here’s a look at my upcoming workshops this month:

All workshops are for children 10 and above but children 10 – 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult. It’s free for the parent to attend but if they want to take part they must pay £5 to do so.



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