How to Make Tassel Earrings by Shannon Adams

How to Make Tassel Earrings by Shannon Adams


You will need:

  • Assorted coloured embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Fish hook earrings
  • A piece of cardboard


1.Start by wrapping your thread around your piece of cardboard. I recommend about 12 loops, but the more you do the thicker the tassel.

2. Cut off the excess thread. Get another piece of embroidery thread and separate into one string, loop it under the thread on the cardboard and tie it tightly at the top to keep all the threads together. Don’t cut the thread too short as you will use the rest of it later on.

3. Cut all the thread at the other end of the tassel from where you tied it and it should come off looking a little more like a tassel.

4. With more of your single strand of thread, tie a bobble at the top of the tassel.

5. Using the strands that you tied the top of your tassel with, get your earring loop and thread it through your earring it tie it up tightly so it doesn’t fall off.

6. Once you have finished one earring, follow steps 2-6 and you should finish with matching tassel earrings ready to wear!

You don’t have to stick to just one colour, you could use as many as you want! You could also change the length, or even have tiered tassels!

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