Chameleon pens by Natasha Alliston

Chameleon pens by Natasha Alliston

I saw a video quite some time ago on Facebook were an artist was using the Chameleon pens and ever since I have been hoping that we would get some into stock and to my surprise and delight we finally received them this month. …Of course I just had to try them out and purchase some for myself for my calligraphy!

The Chameleon pens are alcohol based which means you are able to use them along side ProMarkers and Copic Chio which we also stock in stores and online. Like the ProMarkers and Copic Chio the Chameleon pens are double ended – brush one end and a bullet tip the other, but what makes these pens different is they have a third end which houses a colourless tip. Chameleon also have Colour Tops which means you are able to blend 2 colours easily together to get a nice graduation of colour. Although you are able to do this with both the ProMarkers and Copic Chio with the slot in tops it makes the Chameleon pens easier to use.

The best paper to use for these pens would most likely be a marker pad but as I use the Botanical Hot Pressed watercolour pad for a lot of my calligraphy I decided to try the pens on that. I feel this helped the blending of the pens as the ink seeps into the paper and spreads a little, which is helpful when filling in letters. I used the Primary Chameleon pen set and the Pastel Tops and a black PC-1MR Posca paint pen for the outline of the lettering.
I first laid out my lettering in pencil before inking in the final lines as I wanted to make sure I was happy with the layout of the wording. I used the colour names of the pens so I am able to show the colours though out me playing around with the pens.

Once I was happy with the layout and style of the lettering I then started to add colour.  You are able to use the Chameleon pens without adding the blending agent but to get the nice colour shift from pale to dark, place the pen nib that you prefer (I used the bullet tip), into the clear end and then wait. The longer you wait the more paler and further the colour will go (I would wait around 30 seconds or more if required). If you want the pen to change from say yellow to black all you need to do is add a colour top of yellow to the pen and this will make the colour change happen.

You are able to colour either light to dark or dark to light. On some of the larger lettering you can even do the graduation from both ends and meet in the middle with a colour. This gives the lettering more of a 3D look.  You do not need to use these pens just for lettering they will work for almost any design or drawing. The Chameleon pens come in various different packs of 5 pens with Topper sets to match, they are also refillable.

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