Hand crafted Coliro Swatches by Hannah and Tash

Hand crafted Coliro Swatches by Hannah and Tash

We are publishing copies of the hand crafted swatches in PDF format so please contact helpline@tindalls.co.uk for a copy if you would like one.

Coliro Pearlcolors  are non toxic pearlescent watercolour paints that come in individual pans or sets of 6 or 12. You can buy sets ready made up or you can buy an empty palette and fill it up with colours of your choice.

They are handcrafted in a small village in Bavaria and made purely with pigment and gum Arabic with minimal stabiliser.

They can be used like any regular watercolour paints, just dilute with water. The thicker the paint is the more intense the colours will be when you use them.

You can use them on many surfaces as long as they are not too smooth or waterproof. They work perfectly on paper, wood, stone and clay.

We love using them for calligraphy, using them with a brush or a dip pen. They work beautifully on all shades of paper, the pearlcolors themselves are opaque and the shimmer-pearlcolors are more difficult to see on lighter coloured paper but are beautifully iridescent on dark paper. They are also wonderful to use to add some sparkle to a watercolour painting.

Kindly note that the images in the document, being 2 dimensional, do not show the true effects of Coliro to the human eye. A good example of this can be seen if you look at the colour blue pearl

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