Coliro with Lucy

Coliro with Lucy

Coliro is watercolour mixed with powdered mica – this creates effects to the naked eye that are pretty much impossible to capture using a camera but this blog will give you a flavour of what Lucy has been showing folks live on our Try it Tuesdays here at Tindalls Newmarket.

We are going to start with black paper.

Use any soft watercolour brush and wet it well with plain water

Be patient it takes a little time for the top surface to hydrate – you are looking for a single cream sort of consistency

You will see when the consistency is right

You can load quite a lot of paint on the brush

This gives you a flavour of how different thicknesses of paint give different effects – Lucy will always be happy to show you for real

You can use Coliro for calligraphy as well as painting

Load your pen from your brush

and write

A few samples

Note the green dragon colour on the right of the sample sheet

Now here is the same colour on white paper – completely different – this is one reason that we would encourage you to come into the shop and take a look for yourself the other is so that you can see for yourself the beautiful shimmering effects of this luscious paint

Thanks for looking

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