DIY Wedding – Bride and Groom Glasses

DIY Wedding – Bride and Groom Glasses

If you are even a little arty and crafty there is no reason not to reduce the cost of your wedding. Your friends and family will love receiving something thoughtfully home made, it becomes a happy memento of your great day. The folks at Tindalls have been beavering away testing products in order to try and save you some precious time and pennies. This will be a series of DIY wedding ideas so check back regularly.

Anything that you do not fully understand how to do we are more than happy to help with – just get in touch.

Having decorated glasses for the bride and groom adds a nice personal touch to any wedding. They are completely customisable in terms of the glass type, the colours used and whether or not to add sparkles with a touch of glitter. We decorated two standard wine glasses, one for the bride and one for the groom. Using Anita’s Tacky Glue (£1.25 for 60ml) Leanne outlined some swirls to add glitter to and decorated the bottom of the glass with a repeating pattern. She then sprinkled glitter over the top of the glue and left it to dry. In store we have a wide range of coloured glitters that can suit any colour scheme. 

Lucie did some beautiful hand lettering on the glasses using a white Posca pen. Lucie wrote out the names first onto a piece of paper and then stuck it into the inside of the glass with a little tape, this lets you write out the lettering first on a flat surface before tracing over that image to produce more precise lettering. Although Lucie has written ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’, you could choose to use their names or add the date and location of the wedding to really personalise it. Using acrylic paint with a fine brush or Sharpie pens instead of Posca would work as well.

To protect the glasses further you could add a varnish over the top and if you wanted to bake the Posca pen onto the glass to ensure its longevity, decorate all of your Posca bits first as putting glue and glitter into the oven is not going to be a good idea.

This project could cost you as little as a few pounds. The glasses can be purchased from numerous places very inexpensively and the Posca pens start at £3.25 for the thinner style pens, which would be suitable size-wise for writing on the glasses. You can decorate the glasses using only the pens, however adding glitter may be something that appeals to you.

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