Brusho Pumpkin Bunting by Hannah

Brusho Pumpkin Bunting by Hannah

Bunting is a really fun way of decorating your room or window and what better way to get into the spooky festivities than hanging pumpkins all around!

Using Brusho is a really quick way of decorating large areas of paper and because it is made up of various different pigments you get a lovely speckled look to your pumpkin. We combined a couple of colours, including Orange and Dark Brown, however using just Orange would suffice.

Draw out your pumpkin outline using a HB/2B pencil. Go over this using a waterproof pen (either a fineliner or an alcohol based marker. It needs to be waterproof as you will be wetting your paper and do not want the lines to blur.

Once you have your outline inked in, erase your pencil lines and sprinkle Brusho over the pumpkin. Use a spray bottle with tap water and spritz the powder. Do not add too much water otherwise the paint pigment will all blur into one and you will not get the different shades. Alternatively you could wet the paper with clean water and a brush and then sprinkle Brusho over the top.

Turn your pumpkins over and add string to the back with sellotape. You could also punch holes in the paper and thread the string through, whichever you prefer. Make sure to have your string nearer the top of the pumpkin so it hangs properly and doesn’t flip which it will if it is top heavy and your string is too low down.

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