Rock Painting by Anya

Rock Painting by Anya

Both myself and others here at the Colchester store have noticed a growth in the popularity of rock painting recently. All over the internet, videos and pictures of this new trend have taken over. Seeing as it is such an easy arty activity for adults and children, we thought that it would be a really fun and inclusive idea to incorporate into the shop somehow.

Therefore, we have created a short list of materials, which are available from us and would be perfect for anybody to have a try themselves! We have also created four of our own rocks using these products and have hidden them around Colchester’s Castle Park for anybody to find and bring back into store, where they will receive discount – perfect to get them started too!

Now for the fun bit! If you are lucky enough to find one of our four rocks in Colchester Castle Park then you can bring it back to our Colchester store where you will receive a discount! Each rock has its own discount from 5% off to 20% so get hunting! Along with the great discount you can pick up all the supplies you would need to decorate your own painted rock designs. We have made sure that our street name (Trinity Street) and post code is on every stone so you won’t have any trouble finding us. This promotion is running for the rest of 2020.

Here is our list for the perfect rock painting project:

  1. POSCA markers

To create these four designs, I used a range of POSCA paint markers, varying in size and colour. POSCA markers have a unique water-based formulation that has been recognised all throughout the art community – they are brilliant for a range of techniques, including forms of street art and fine art. The markers are extremely easy to use and make any look better with their eye catching and vivid pigments! The range of sizes is also really helpful because they mean that you can cover large areas (such as backgrounds), or draw intricate designs (such as outlining). Possibly the most impressive thing about these markers though, is that they work on almost any surface! From paper to clothing or glass, POSCA markers really are worth trying out and experimenting with!

2. Varnish

In order to help protect our rocks against the test of time and weather, we have used a varnish from Prism called Clear Glaze (photo below). The varnish also provided our rocks with a clear shine – adding to the overall look of the designs/rocks. This product is available in our Colchester store and is also very easy to use. After waiting a short while for our POSCA designs to dry, we used an old paint brush to coat a thin layer onto our rocks in the clear glaze varnish. We then left the varnish to dry for a 2-3 hours. At this point, you can choose whether to do a recoat or just leave the varnish as a single layer. For coating the rock, we used a set of Jakar brushes which we sell here at Tindalls. Two things to bear in mind when using the varnish, is that you will need to be in a ventilated area and you will also need to clean your brush off after use. White spirit will do the job! Equally, we also sell varnishes in a spray form which will mean you don’t have to do any cleaning, and who doesn’t want that?

3. Rocks

To spark the inspiration of our customers, we have started selling rocks (available right next to our Posca stand) in a variety of sizes. At an affordable price, you can choose the perfect rock for your own project! Alternatively, you could find some rocks in your local area – perhaps in your garden or taking a trip to the beach could be an extra special touch to your rock painting project.

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