Tindalls Colchester – New Teen Art Classes

Tindalls Colchester – New Teen Art Classes

We have listened to the feedback we were getting on our previous Artful Splodgers classes! Whilst great for the slightly younger children we were getting asked a lot for more advanced classes for teens!

We are very proud of our new teen art classes and hope that these will really help children to enhance their artistic skills, particularly those wanting to study, or already studying art further for GCSE or A Levels.

The classes are for children aged between 12 and 17 years and the lessons will take place for two hours at a time so that there is ample time to hone the techniques taught.

We have got classes coming up throughout the Easter holidays that look at various mediums and techniques.

Wednesday 8th April 2pm – 4pm will see us looking at How to Colour Mix Using Acrylic Paint. Colour mixing can actually be quite hard if you are not entirely sure what you are doing and quite often your colours can come out really muddy and horrid. We will be looking at how to keep your colours clean and will produce a colour wheel that the children can take home to use for reference for future colour mixing. Once we have made the colour wheel we will take a look at mixing skin tones as you end up using colours you wouldn’t usually expect, such as blues and greens!

Thursday 9th April 2pm – 4pm we will be teaching brush lettering. Modern calligraphy has become so popular in recent years and we sell lots of the materials used to create some amazing lettering. During this two hour session the children will be able to use Tombow brush pens, Ecoline brush pens, Copic Ciao and Brushmarkers to hand letter. For those a bit more adventurous we will also provide some brushes and calligraphy gouache or Coliro pearlescent watercolour to letter with. Using templates as a guide at first the children will practice how to form the letter shapes and later create a piece that can be displayed, using Brusho to create colourful backgrounds or even blending water-based pens to draw out an image underneath and letter over top.

Saturday 11th April from 2.30pm – 4.30pm we are going to be teaching Watercolours for Beginners. This has been so highly requested for our children’s classes so we are very excited to finally be able to offer it. The children will be shown the difference between cheaper and more expensive watercolour brands, although the more expensive artist quality paints can mean a bigger payout at first, they are well worth the investment due to being made up of pure pigment and binder as opposed to being bulked out with chalk as cheaper brands are. This ensures you get a much better finished product and you will find you use a lot less paint as the colour pigment is much stronger and more intense in the better quality paints. We will start off looking at watercolour washes and the best brushes to use for that and will then move onto some basic landscapes in watercolour.

Our last session for the Easter holidays will be Blending with Alcohol Markers on Tuesday 14th April 2pm – 4pm. Using alcohol based markers such as Winsor & Newton Promarkers and Brushmarkers, Copic Ciao markers and Chameleon pens. As the alcohol markers dry quicker than water-based pens there is less chance of smudging your drawing, which makes them very popular. You are also able to layer the colours very easily and create seamless blends. This workshop will also talk the children through which paper to use for the alcohol markers, as standard cartridge paper isn’t the most effective paper to use with them as it will cause the pens to bleed and your lines will not be crisp.

You can book these classes in store, over the phone on 03302233390 extension 312 for the Colchester shop or book on the Tindalls website under the Artful Sploders Colchester tab – click here

For more information on the classes you can call the shop direct or feel free to drop us an email at Colchester.shop@tindalls.co.uk

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