Porsche Design P3110 TecFlex Gold Fountain Pen
  • Porsche Design P3110 TecFlex Gold Fountain Pen

Porsche Design P3110 TecFlex Gold Fountain Pen


Full of character

The Porsche Design TecFlex P3110 Fountain Pen is manufactured with a body of stainless steel interwoven with fine gold.

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As if the qualities of stainless steel were not enough, the addition of gold threads to the weave adds a new lustre. The threads are 14-carat .586 gold plated. All other metal parts are coated with palladium.

The high-tech stainless steel weave turns out to be surprisingly suitable for pens as whilst other writing instruments remain rigid Porsche Design pens give slightly, responding elastically to the pressure of the hand.

The fountain pen is available with a medium nib. The 18 carat gold nib is rhodinized. Its cut and finish ensure a pleasant feel as it glides across the paper.

When you first hold a Porsche Design writing instrument in your hand, you immediately notice the unusual material that the barrelis made of. There is a good reason behind this, as a short excursion into the field of motor racing will show.

The Le Mans 24-hour race counts as the toughest in the world. It tests men and materials to the limit. A particularly critical point was found to be the numerous and unusually sensitive electrical and electronic connections.

So as to protect them from heat and mechanical stress, the Porsche team used TecFlex, a cable sheath woven from stainless steel. TecFlex is unusually resistant to corrosion, highly elastic, and very hard wearing. TecFlex passed even the extreme test of Le Mans with flying colours: sixteen Porsche victories in the past 30 years are a clear sign of that.

In the fascinating world of high speed and the latest technology, there is no room for superficial styling. What count are clear and functional forms, and excellent materials - such as TecFlex. The stainless steel weave is hard-wearing, surprisingly supple, and with a filigree beauty.

Writing with P3110 is an excellent idea by Porsche Design, developed to its logical conclusion with a passion for detail. With a famous partner: Porsche Design cooperates closely with the writing instrument specialists Faber-Castell.

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