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Posca PCF-350K brush tip 1-10mm pen

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POSCA ’s brush tip PCF-350 is designed to reach areas that other markers cannot reach. Painting lovers rediscover the pleasure of a paint brush without its disadvantages. Beginners and children learn without difficulty.

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Flexible: it is perfect for work requiring a detailed finish
and allows creativity to flow.
Fluid: the paint glides smoothly over the surface.
Versatile: it covers well, the rendering is opaque,
water-coloured or even transparent when diluted with water.
Convenient: easier and cleaner to use than a conventional
brush (no painting material, palette nor paint tubes... are

POSCA ’s brush tip is ideal for:
- A rtists to colour sculptures, casts or areas not easily
accessible: creases, curves, angles...,
- T oy designers to reach very specific areas of the object
(under the arms, in the neck...),
- A mateurs of Asian calligraphy for a brush effect
combining a thin line,
- C artoonists,
- C hildren to learn in an easy way how to paint with a

Plaster ring holder,
pictures holder in clay,
recycled pen pots,
recycled piggy banks,
salt dough magnets,
ecological bag,
gift boxes.

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