Rembrandt Professional Soft Pastel White 5
  • Rembrandt Professional Soft Pastel White 5
  • Rembrandt Professional Soft Pastel White 5

Rembrandt Professional Soft Pastels


Great covering capacity; The right softness; No harmful chemicals; Intense pure colour; Lightfast;

Rembrandt soft pastels
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The unique features of Rembrandt soft pastels

Rembrandt soft pastels owe their quality to the close collaboration with professional artists, combined with traditional expertise and more than a century of experience in the manufacture of pastels. Each colour is made according to a unique formula and the necessary raw materials go through very strict controls for each new batch. Rembrandt pastels have for many years been the most commonly used pastels in the world, in part due to their unique characteristics.

The main constituents of Rembrandt pastels are pigment and kaolin. The kaolin, also known as china clay or pipe clay, holds the pigment together in the pastel and gives the colours their great covering capacity

The softness has been chosen so that the pastels can easily transfer their colour while at the same time not fall apart or turn to powder. 

The Rembrandt pastels owe their very high coloured intensity and colour purity to the superior choice of pigments and the high pigment concentration.
Besides, the pigments determine the lightfastness. Only through a strict selection of the pigments used can the best combination of these characteristics be achieved. What’s more: each pastel label states the lightfastness and the pigment composition.

The range is free of pigments based on heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and cobalt. 

Composition of the range
The range consists of 203 colours of a balanced selection across the entire colour range. With the pastel painting technique the colours are mixed in the artwork itself. If too many layers are placed on top of one another the grounds can become saturated and new layers will not be able to adhere. One can therefore not apply layer upon layer. For this reason the range has many
intermediate shades with black and white so that dark and light gradations of colour do not have to be mixed. The Rembrandt range consists of 44 pure colours (full tones), 41 colours mixed with black and 118 colours mixed with white. The colour number indicates whether a colour has been diluted. Each colour has its own number. With pure colours this number is followed by the
code ,5. In the case of pure Lemon yellow the label says 205,5. The
intermediate shade with black is indicated by 205,3 and the intermediate shades with an increasing amount of white with a series with increasing numbers. In this case: 205,8, 205,9 and 205,12. Some colours also have the gradations ,7 and ,10. The extra soft white pastel with the name White Super Soft (colour number 101,5) is for applying light accents in the final layers.

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