Free delivery terms and conditions

We do our best to make our delivery charges as fair as possible but as you will appreciate the number of permutations of 28000 products combined with several couriers all offering several services is immense and very complicated so please bear with us and if you have any queries resulting from this information or the carriage quoted please get in touch before placing your order.

We continuously spend many hours comparing couriers in order to price the highlands, islands, channel islands, the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the world correctly but are always happy to hear from anyone who might know of a cheaper reliable service. Our system has to be set up to ensure costs are covered but some combinations of products do create what appear to be excessive postage costs - please contact us before ordering if you feel this may have happened.

Please note, however, that we will not use services with poor reputations, they are not 'cheap' for retailers who bear the whole risk for the delivery of the order.

Free delivery applies to all Royal Mail UK standard up to 2kg deliveries for orders over £35 and includes the highlands and islands and Northern Ireland

Free delivery also applies to courier based deliveries to mainland  England and Wales with some exceptions for exceptionally large or heavy items.

To apply free delivery you must first either create an account or login - otherwise the shopping cart cannot know your delivery address!

If your eligible order exceeds £35 then you should see your shipping cost drop to zero (any problems please get in touch).

The value of workshops cannot be used towards free shipping for an order.

We have to be able to apply the correct postage if someone orders just one large canvas, pad or board, even some small easels, it may weigh less than 1kg but will be too large to send through Royal Mail.

Many couriers refuse to even accept any package that exceeds 60cm in length once packed (because that is the size limit for their conveyors). This reduces the competition for the larger packages and leads to increased costs so some larger items do have a non-removable postage supplement applied.