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Essdee Lino Cutters Handle
  • Essdee Lino Cutters Handle

Essdee Lino Cutter Handle


Sturdy Lino handles with auminium ferrules.


1 For fine lines and cross hatching. Never push any cutter deeper than the sides of the point. A line of 0.5mm or less is possible on SoftCutTM material and a little wider in Lino. Take care when inking over fine lines as they can fill in.

2 A universal and easy to use tool with a low angle of attack. Commonly used as a basic first-time tool to cut lines up to 1.5mm or less.

3 A tight, round cutter able to cut a 2mm deep-sided line. Good for straight lines. Great in SoftCutTM but cut too deep in lino and the upright walls of the cut can leave little support and weaken the top surface. With practice, as with No. 3, it’s useful for cutting small circles by using a swivel motion.

4 A wide, rounded “v” cutter for lines 3mm wide with 45˚ walls for a strong print surface, particularly important for fragile detail and lines in large open spaces.

5 A thin line-marking tool for making the first lines to define the design before using other cutters to remove the unwanted background. It can be pushed or dragged across the surface and turned very easily to describe curves and wavy lines. Cut deep into the lino or  softCutTM to define the limit of material removal particularly useful with SoftCutTM as the material can cling at the end of a cut.

6 A flat radius cutter for shallow, wide cuts or for shaving at a side wall to reduce the printed area, leaving a strong shallow angle. Swivelling vertically will cut up to 4mm circles on SoftCutTM.

7 A flat-bottomed wide cutter with safety edges each side. Use the blunt sides to prevent shaving the edge of a previously cut area. Will remove a 3mm-wide flat trough or clear large areas.

8 A wide, deep cutter for lines up to 6mm wide. Avoid cutting too deep. Good for bold lines.

9 A deep “v” cutter for narrow lines. Glides through lino. Avoid cutting too deep. Good also on tougher materials.

10 Similar to 9 but with a wider “v” and a more rounded base to produce lines up to 3.5mm wide. Good also on tougher materials. A Safety Cutter

Precision ground safety lino cutters with a recessed cutting edge. Ideal for younger or less experienced users. These easy-to-use cutters have especially designed "wings" to protect your hand and allow safe cutting. The wings also prevent the cutter from carving too deeply resulting in a consistent, clean cut line every time

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