Pro arte series 70 pure squirrel dagger - small
  • Pro arte series 70 pure squirrel dagger - small

Series 70 pure squirrel dagger


Ideal for leafing and feathering. Squirrel hair brushes have good elasticity and are ideal for washes and smooth painted finishes.  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

Pro Arte Series 70 pure squirrel dagger: Small
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Most squirrel hair for brushes comes from Canada and Russia. There are three main types of Squirrel hair: Talahoutky is brown in color and used mainly for sign brushes; Kazan is brown-black and mainly used in brushes for watercolor, wash brushes, and watercolor mops; Sacamena is blue-black, the softest of all the Squirrel hair, and is used for making some of the best watercolor brushes. This soft, absorbent hair points well when wet, but has little spring. 

Squirrel hair brush are very similar to Kolinsky brushes; they point very well and have thick "bodies" to hold paint, but they lack the "snap" or springiness of a Kolinsky. This lack of "snap" makes them almost totally useless when painting with thick paints. Often squirrel hair is used in the production of "camel hair" brushes and many other brushes made from mixtures of hair.

On the image below so that you can judge the size from home - the scale on the graph paper is one square = 2mm.

Pro arte series 70 pure squirrel dagger brushes

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