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Daler Rowney Murano Pastel pads 160gsm 30 sheets

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The Murano fine art paper range breathes new life into traditional coloured paper. The naturally textured surface and 45% cotton content give it a classic, luxurious, feel. Weighing in at a substantial 160gsm.

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On the front of these pads Daler Rowney print 'contents may vary' - well they sure do.

Please see below for a colour comparison that we have found in just one sample of the pads.

Kindly note that we simply do not have time to start photographing the colours of every pad so please do not ask.

We are selling these products as they come and we will not accept returns on the basis of colour.

The colours will almost certainly not match exactly what you are seeing on your screen.

If you want to know exactly what colours you are purchasing then we suggest you will have to purchase from a shop.

The sophisticated and fashionable colours make it the ideal choice for artists and crafters alike.

Ideal for use with pastels, pencil, charcoal and for crafters.


Selections of 30 sheets (5 sheets x 6 colours).

Neutral (greys and earthy shades)

– 12 x 9" (305 x 229mm)  Code 438 031 209
– 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)  Code 438 031 612

Murano pads Neutrals colour comparison

Cool Colours (blues and greens) 

– 12 x 9" (305 x 229mm)  Code 438 032 209
– 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)  Code 438 032 612

Murano pads Cools colour comparison

Warm Colours

– 12 x 9" (305 x 229mm)  Code 438 033 209
– 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)  Code 438 033 612

Murano pads Warms colour comparison