Derwent Super Point Manual Desk Sharpener
  • Derwent Super Point Manual Desk Sharpener
  • Derwent Super Point Manual Desk Sharpener
  • Derwent Super Point Manual Desk Sharpener

Derwent Super Point Manual Desk Sharpener

  • High quality helical blade
  • Blade can be removed for cleaning
  • Suitable for pencils up to 8mm in diameter
  • Easy to empty shavings reservoir
  • Desk clamp included
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Derwent have taken the best features from self cranking sharpeners and put them all into its machine. Capable of taking pencils up to 7mm-9mm diameter (which covers all of Derwent's pencils and most other brands), the sharpener has an adjustable front plate and self-feeding mechanism, meaning it will always sharpen to your exact requirements. The helical blade is extremely durable and sharpens to a super fine point for fine detailing. The sharpener also has a transparent and removable reservoir for ease of emptying and comes with a desk clamp.

The extendable front plate has a self feeding mechanism which stops when the pencil has reached a superb point. The transparent sliding tray reservoir is easily emptied and each sharpener comes with a desk clamp. 

We use this sharpener in our craft workshops and think that you will find the following information useful.

When you first use the sharpener do not extend the holder more than an inch as in image 3. You will meet with quite a lot of resistance initially as the unit very quickly removes wood - take a look at the pencil after a maximum of 2 turns - you will then be better able to judge how far you want to sharpen.

The first time you sharpen it will look like quite a lot of pencil has gone but subsequent use will remove less. 

Generally we do not find the need to extend the carriage holder to its fullest extent.

When attaching the desk clamp ensure that the plastic protector at the bottom is snug at the bottom of the table, protruding slightly - we found it easy to get the plastic protector too far in and then the sharpener cants over at an angle. Also ensure that the chrome plated bar goes into the hole under the handle of the sharpener straight and at a right angle to the edge of the table.

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