Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint 37ml Tube
  • Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint 37ml Tube

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint 37ml Tube


Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint is a range of high-quality oil paints that are known for their high pigment concentration and excellent colour intensity. These paints are suitable for use by artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. They are made using high-quality pigments, combined with a blend of linseed oil, safflower oil, and alkyd resin, which gives the paint a smooth consistency and ensures that it dries evenly. The Winton Oil Paint range includes over 40 colours, all of which are fully intermixable, allowing artists to create an endless variety of hues and shades. These paints are available in a range of sizes, from small 37ml tubes to large 200ml tubes, making them suitable for all types of painting projects.

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Great pigment load

Winton Oil Colour's pigment load is higher than many artists’ ranges. Exceptional for general use and ideal for working in large volume at the highest level.

Uniform consistency

The Winton range has a more uniform consistency than Artists' Oil Colour and is a slightly stiffer paint. It offers excellent retention of brush and palette knife strokes.

Lightfast and permanent

Wherever possible, the most permanent pigments have been selected for use with the Winton range. The formulation and manufacturing process ensure that the product will remain stable within the tube as well as offer the most permanent paint film possible.

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Oil Colour

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Winton oil colour chart

Winsor and newton Winton Oil Colour Colour Chart

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Click on a color to view available combinations

  • check_circle BURNT SIENNA 074
  • check_circle BURNT UMBER 076
  • check_circle CADMIUM LEMON HUE 087
  • check_circle CADMIUM ORANGE HUE 090
  • check_circle CADMIUM RED HUE 095
  • check_circle CADMIUM RED DEEP HUE 098
  • check_circle CADMIUM YELLOW HUE 109
  • check_circle CADMIUM YELLOW DEEP HUE 115
  • check_circle CADMIUM YELLOW PALE HUE 119
  • check_circle CERULEAN BLUE HUE 138
  • check_circle CHROME GREEN HUE 145
  • check_circle CHROME YELLOW HUE 149
  • check_circle COBALIGHT BLUE HUE 179
  • check_circle COBALIGHT VIOLET HUE 194
  • check_circle DIOXAZINE PURPLE 229
  • check_circle EMERALD GREEN 241
  • check_circle FLAKE WHITE HUE 242
  • check_circle PALE ROSE BLUSH 257
  • check_circle FRENCH ULTRAMARINE 263
  • check_circle INDIAN RED 317
  • check_circle IVORY BLACK 331
  • check_circle LAMP BLACK 337
  • check_circle LEMON YELLOW HUE 346
  • check_circle LIGHT RED 362
  • check_circle MAGENTA 380
  • check_circle SOFT MIX WHITE 415
  • check_circle NAPLES YELLOW HUE 422
  • check_circle OXIDE OF CHROME 459
  • check_circle PAYNES GREY 465
  • check_circle PERMANENT CRIMSON LAKE 478
  • check_circle PERMANENT GERANIUM LAKE 480
  • check_circle PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT 483
  • check_circle PERMANENT ROSE 502
  • check_circle PHTHALO BLUE 516
  • check_circle PRUSSIAN BLUE 538
  • check_circle RAW SIENNA 552
  • check_circle RAW UMBER 554
  • check_circle SAP GREEN 599
  • check_circle SCARLET LAKE 603
  • check_circle TERRE VERTE 637
  • check_circle TITANIUM WHITE 644
  • check_circle VANDYKE BROWN 676
  • check_circle VERMILION HUE 682
  • check_circle VIRIDIAN HUE 696
  • check_circle YELLOW OCHRE 744
  • check_circle ZINC WHITE 748
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