uni Posca Water Based Paint marker PC-3M


POSCA PC-3M fine bullet tip is the marker designed for specialists. It can be used to customise, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires
you with a precise and steady line.

Pen Width
Ink Colour
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Paint, Colour, Draw, Write, Decorate, Mark

Gift boxes,
Moroccan style lantern,
Manga portrait,
Pop art portrait,
Salt dough magnets
Ecological bag,
Recycled piggy banks.

POSCA PC-5M’s medium tip is ideal for:
- Artists and creative professionals such as architects
to make and colour plans,
- Creative crafts hobbyists for scrapbooking or decorating
- Interior design amateurs to transform or decorate
- Surfers and skaters to customise their boards,
- Children to produce neat and vibrant coloured work.

Multi-purpose: it offers unlimited uses, the tip is not too thick
nor too thin.
Fun : it comes in one of POSCA’s largest range of colours
Convenient and economical: tips are removable, easy to
clean and replaceable for prolonged life of the marker.
Ecological: it has been granted the green-net label as it is
made from 41% of recycled materials.

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Posca colour and size chart

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  • check_circle Beige
  • check_circle Black
  • check_circle Blue
  • check_circle Bright Yellow
  • check_circle Bronze
  • check_circle Brown
  • check_circle Dark Brown
  • check_circle Dark Red
  • check_circle Emerald Green
  • check_circle Gold
  • check_circle Green
  • check_circle Grey
  • check_circle Ivory
  • check_circle Khaki Green
  • check_circle Light Blue
  • check_circle Light Green
  • check_circle Light Orange
  • check_circle Light Pink
  • check_circle Lilac
  • check_circle Navy Blue
  • check_circle Orange
  • check_circle Pink
  • check_circle Red
  • check_circle Red Wine
  • check_circle Silver
  • check_circle Sky Blue
  • check_circle Slate Grey
  • check_circle Violet
  • check_circle White
  • check_circle Yellow
  • check_circle Sparkling Blue
  • check_circle Sparkling Green
  • check_circle Sparkling Light Blue
  • check_circle Sparkling Orange
  • check_circle Sparkling Pink
  • check_circle Sparkling Red
  • check_circle Sparkling Violet
  • check_circle Sparkling Yellow
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