Da Vinci Series 1373 Nova Slanted Brush
  • Da Vinci Series 1373 Nova Slanted Brush

Series 1373 NOVA Synthetic Slanted Brush


Suitable for watercolour, gouache, modelling, craft and general painting with most paints. Slanted flat brushes are ideal for filling larger areas where accuracy is required. Finest golden synthetic fibre - Short green polished handles SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

Da Vinci Series 1373 NOVA hobby brush slanted
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A blend of 3 different diameters of synthetic  enhance watercolour carrying capacity for clean even brush strokes.

High quality elastic fibres maintain their shape after vigorous use and are easy to clean.

Expertly shaped and tapered to enhance the qualities of the synthetic material rather than relying on copying the shape of a natural material.

Seamless, nickel plated brass ferrules are rust resistant and long lasting.

The longevity of this brush makes it excellent value for money over time.

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