Winsor & Newton Brushmarker Pen - Pebble Blue
  • Winsor & Newton Brushmarker Pen - Pebble Blue
  • Winsor & Newton Brushmarker Pen - Pebble Blue

Promarker Brush Pens by Winsor & Newton


Promarker Brush offers 72 translucent, alcohol-based inks that can be layered and blended together to build beautiful effects and depth to your work.

High-quality, dye-based colour

The colour dyes used in promarker brush ensure even colour lay down, with outstanding vibrancy and tonal variation. Unlike felt tipped pens or low grade markers, promarker brush colours appear perfectly even, with no unsightly streaking.

Colour: Pebble Blue
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Translucent inks perfect for layering

Promarker Brush colours have a translucent quality and can be layered to achieve varying depth and opacity. Going over the same spot creates a darker tone of the same colour, enabling a versatile range of shading effects.

Easy to blend

Discover the wide range of tones from each colour with the colourless promarker brush blender that can be used to soften and merge colours together.

Surface versatile

Promarker Brush can be used on a variety of ink-resistant surfaces, including acetate, glass, plastic and even wood.

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  • check_circle Almond
  • check_circle Amber
  • check_circle Amethyst
  • check_circle Apple
  • check_circle Berry Red
  • check_circle Black
  • check_circle Blender
  • check_circle Blush
  • check_circle Bright Green
  • check_circle Bright Orange
  • check_circle Burnt Orange
  • check_circle Burnt Sienna
  • check_circle Cadet Blue
  • check_circle Canary
  • check_circle Carmine
  • check_circle Cerise
  • check_circle Champagne
  • check_circle China Blue
  • check_circle Cinnamon
  • check_circle Cloud Blue
  • check_circle Cocoa
  • check_circle Cool Aqua
  • check_circle Cool Grey 1
  • check_circle Cool Grey 2
  • check_circle Cool Grey 3
  • check_circle Cool Grey 4
  • check_circle Cool Grey 5
  • check_circle Cyan
  • check_circle Dusky Pink
  • check_circle Egyptian Blue
  • check_circle Firebrick
  • check_circle Forest Green
  • check_circle Gold
  • check_circle Grass
  • check_circle Henna
  • check_circle Indigo Blue
  • check_circle Lemon
  • check_circle Lilac
  • check_circle Lime Green
  • check_circle Lipstick Red
  • check_circle Lush Green
  • check_circle Magenta
  • check_circle Maroon
  • check_circle Meadow Green
  • check_circle Mint Green
  • check_circle Ocean Teal
  • check_circle Pale Pink
  • check_circle Pebble Blue
  • check_circle Pink Pearl
  • check_circle Plum
  • check_circle Praline
  • check_circle Pumpkin
  • check_circle Purple
  • check_circle Putty
  • check_circle Red
  • check_circle Rose Pink
  • check_circle Royal Blue
  • check_circle Ruby
  • check_circle Saddle Brown
  • check_circle Sandstone
  • check_circle Satin
  • check_circle Sky Blue
  • check_circle Soft Lime
  • check_circle Sunflower
  • check_circle Turquoise
  • check_circle Warm Grey 1
  • check_circle Warm Grey 2
  • check_circle Warm Grey 3
  • check_circle Warm Grey 4
  • check_circle Warm Grey 5
  • check_circle Wild Orchid
  • check_circle Yellow
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